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I’m Mark Garbowski, and this is my photography blog. I became serious about photography in late summer 2009, and started this blog in October that same year.  For an overview of the first year of my blog, check out my first blogiversary post here.  Although I never committed to a post every day, or a 365 project of some sort, I putup at least one image daily since between April 2010 and April 2011. I celebrated that anniversary here.

Since then, I take the occasional unscheduled day off, and now I usually do not post on weekends, or most holidays.

Series, Subjects, Themes and Styles

I have done a number of themed series since starting. First there were the 100 Bus Stops and 100 Crosswalk series, both of which ran from the early days of the blog through April 2011.  Early in 2012  I did two short run series showcasing (1) Coney Island and (2) Grand Central terminal, both shot during early winter morning hours when they were largely unpopulated. Currently I am working on my Grey Man series.

In the earliest days of the blog, my primary focus was on HDR, or High Dynamic Range images, usually of buildings or landscapes in New York city. I still do that, but not nearly as often.  I also mix in some candid street photography, which is often, but not always, black and white, and take a lot of pictures on my iPhone. When I do post on a weekend, it is usually a roundup of images I recently posted to the Instagram service on my iPhone.


I look forward to comments, and emails or contact form submissions of all kinds: praise, criticism, suggestions, and questions. I try to answer any questions as best I can, but sometimes it takes me a week or two. I also take requests for specific locations or subjects. While I am behind in responding to those, I still welcome more.


My images are available for purchase, and there are multiple ways to do this. I suggest you contact me with any inquiries so I can help you to pick the best method for your needs.

Licensing and Other Uses

I own the copyright in all of my images. As a general rule, if you want to use one of my images for a personal, non commercial use, I’m not going to bother you.

Non-commercial is a term of art, but as a general guideline, at least for my images, you can use any of them for free (unless otherwise noted) if for personal use that is not related to any commercial enterprise or monetary transaction. For any commercial use, including for non-profits, my images are available to be licensed.  Should you wish to receive a quote, please include all of the necessary information, including at least the proposed use, the nature of your organization or enterprise, the place of publication, circulation and/or web traffic figures, and length of time.

I am generally not interested in licensing my images for any commercial use in return for a photo credit. Although this is not my job and I do not do it for money, I also do not want to do it for free. If you wish to inquire anyway ( I have been known to make exceptions), please include all the information in your inquiry that I would need if I you were requesting a money quote. Please also explain why you think you should get to use my image for free in a commercial setting. Simply being a non-profit is not enough. I admire some non-profits but not others.

Other People’s Photos

I occasionally post images by other photographers. When I do so I either have express permission or those images are also under a Creative Commons license. You cannot use any of those images without first checking with those photographers or reading the terms of their Creative Commons license if applicable.

Other Locations

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  • dharshanOctober 9, 2011 - 4:09 am

    Hi ,

    I’m a regular subscriber of your HDR photography blog. Thanks for the wonderful stories and pictures in your blog. In order to improve the blog browsing experience for photography blogs I have developed a new blog reader called “FotoMag” which makes  blog reading a visual experience. I have included your blog in the list of blogs built into the app. It is included in the “HDR” section. 

    FotoMag is available as a  free download for the iPhone and iPad platforms. It is however primarily designed for the iPad platform.  
    Here is a link to the app –

    Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions . Thanks again for your blog posts – they make for great reading.


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