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2016 was the year in which my rate of photo posting dropped off a cliff.  Part of this was due to me shooting less, which is its own story, and in large part due to some changed family schedule basics that got in the way of my favorite shooting time. But I also often just […]

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Click here to view larger size and here to view the fullsize original.  I have mostly stopped linking to the gallery but still do so for panoramic images like this one.  This is the second in a new New York Ghosts series. The first was posted here. This did not start out as a favorite […]

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When I started photographing New York in earnest, I spent a lot of time shooting during early Sunday mornings. I ended up stumbling my way into a series I called “Forever the Empty City,” featuring city streets with no visible residents: No pedestrians, cyclists, or inhabited cars. It’s not too hard to do on early […]

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