Grand Tetons from Schwabacher Landing – Aurora HDR 2017 Quick Look

Yesterday a new version of the Aurora HDR software was released. I had not tried the previous version, and do very little HDR these days. But a lot of pre-reviews indicated that this software works great as a single-image editing program, so I plunked down my dollars for the pre-release deal and waited for the release to see for myself.

I have to say my initial reaction is very positive. This is made from a single raw image of a photo of the Grand Tetons in GTNP, Wyoming, at Schwabacher Landing. I’m not presenting a full review here based on one image, but the controls for this software do allow for a lot of adjustments, and many more than you would expect from basic HDR software. It is almost a full featured as Lightroom.

The software is MAC only, and made by the Macphun team, which has a lot of the people who created the Nik Software package before that suite we purchased by Google.  You can check it out here if you are interested. Note the Free trial offer on the top. Note: I am not an affiliate and get nothing from this.

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  1. I’m not a great HDR fan and it seems to be less popular than a few years ago. I can appreciate that this image originally would have had a lot of inherent contrast, and the software seems to have handled that very well, producing an image that looks very natural.
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    1. Thanks Andy. The software does that well but this photo didn’t need it that much with the light coming from more-or-less behind me. And I do want to stress that the software really is much more than HDR. I still haven’t done too much with it but on first try it really is nearly as feature rich as say, Lightroom, but lacks, of course, the catalog management aspect.

  2. I had a look at this from several reviews Mark, like you I rarely do any HDR anymore. It looked to me to be almost the same as Lightroom aside from some presets. Let me know how you like it, I was debating trying the PC software but lightroom seems to work for me anymore.

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