Stone Mill Doors and Windows

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I’ve tentatively decided to spend the 1-2 weeks working chronologically through my trip to Acadia National Park as part of my friends’ annual nXnw get-together. That doesn’t mean I will literally do every decent image in order, but I do want to hit one image from every location in the order we hit those locations. For me, that means starting in the Stone Mill of Lawrence, Massachusetts. While our nXnw trips tend to be focused on landscapes and the great outdoors, sometimes the story is about shadows and that which is hidden.

Our host was Bob Lussier, who has done a fantastic job documenting the mills of his hometown with his friend Steve Perlmutter for the past few years. ┬áHaving access to one of these mills even for an hour was a treat, although I felt fairly certain that I had seen every composition I considered in one of Bob’s or Steve’s photos.

In addition to Bob and I, the full nXnw 2014 crew was comprised of:

They will all be posting photos from the trip over the next few weeks os be sure to check them all out.


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  1. Definitely a cool perspective of those 2 rooms. Nice job!

  2. nice moody comp here Mark, great place to shoot for sure

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