Eastern State Penitentiary Barber Chair

ESB Barber Chair


The barber chair room at Eastern State Penitentiary is famous in its way. Certainly every photographer who visits the site makes certain to check it out and capture it. Because you cannot enter the room, your ability to personalize the image is limited mostly to your choice of focal length and post-processing.

If you visit, don’t expect to see this in the space that actually functioned as a barber shop for the prison. That is located in the prison’s “Park Avenue,” a centrally located atrium that was also where Al Capone’s cell was located. I expect he used some influence to have his cell in that spot so he could communicate with the guards and prisoners who came through. This chair has been placed in an apparently random cell in a different corridor. I would guess that someone took into account the size and configuration of the cell, as well as the natural lighting it gets.

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  1. Great take on this often shot fixture in the prison Mark. It is a confining space and I like how you processed it that results in an eerie mood.
    Len Saltiel recently posted..Mule WashMy Profile

  2. Excellent interpreatation of this scene Mark. It’s amazing how everyone can put their own unique spin on it.
    Steven Perlmutter recently posted..Spiral StairsMy Profile

  3. I love this place Mark, nice job on this, it’s hard to shoot as I remember, at least get something different anyway, I like how you cropped this one, nice. My memory cards are never safe in this kinda place, love this place

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