Hessian Lake at Night [Bear Mountain State Park]


I had a busy and eventful weekend, some good some not so great, and a lot of plans had to be revised on the fly. I had planned to take my daughter Claire with me to Bear Mountain State Park on Sunday, but events intervened and I had to go solo. With all that was going on, I ended up getting there later than I wanted and barely made the climb up the path to the summit in time for sunset. I got here with maybe 15 minutes to spare, and ended up composing and grabbing shots on the fly. I did OK, and the sky and views were stunning, but I think I actually composed some of my iPhone shots better than I did with the Fuji. I also took some film shots and we’ll just have to wait for those.

Meanwhile, I had forgotten that this small lake sits at the base of the mountain. The twilight was showing it off rather nicely so I decided to go for some long exposures before driving home. I played around with it quite a bit, and settled on this black and white look, but I think I will also share a color version soon.

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  1. The clouds look awesome and I like the tones, too!

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