Lime Rock Park ALMS Race 2013 – Car 551 Class P2


A second shot from my trip earlier this month to Lime Rock Park in northwest Connecticut to view and shoot the 2013 ALMS (American Le Mans Series) Northeast Grand Prix. The first shot is here.

This is the 551 car in competition Class P2, driven by Scott Tucker and Marino Franchitti. This car finished first in its class that day and second overall. The P2 class comprises prototype cars, as does the P1 class, but P2 cars are smaller and less powerful. As with the first shot I displayed, I got this shot by panning my camera to match the car speed as it passed me. I’m not sure how that can result in part of the ca, in this case the very front panels,  being blurry from motion while the rest of it is pretty sharp.

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