Canyonlands – Tonal Recession from Mesa Arch

Canyonlands - from Mesa Arch [Tonal Recession]

It’s been a few weeks since I put up an image from my nXnw trip to the national parks near Moab, Utah. This is Canyonlands National Park shot from Mesa Arch approximately one hour after dawn.

This is my second image of a similar composition. In the first, which was taken a little earlier that same morning, the image had a golden yellow cast and I simply tweaked it to add some punch and clarity. This image came out of the camera with a more subdued grey/blue color palette. I really manipulated the colors using levels, curves, and color manipulation, all in Aperture. I then took it to Photoshop just to fix some irregularities and vignetting in the sky.


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  1. Wow, Mark, that’s breathtaking my friend! LOVE the colors and the definition of the layers of vista you’ve created here. What a great abstract piece!!!

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