Fantasyland Photos, WDW Magic Kingdom, Via Fuji X-E1

Above is Rapunzel’s Tower as imagined in the movie Tangled. It sits in the new Fantasyland section of WDW’s Magic Kingdom, Here are a few more images from this latest addition to Walt Disney World. First up, a view of the Dwarf’s Mine Train Roller Coaster ride currently under construction.

Here is the fountain in front of Gaston’s Tavern, featuring Gaston and LeFou from Beauty and the Beast.

Sticking with that movie, here are a “painting” of Belle and her mother from inside Bell’es cottage, followed by the Wardrobe (who talks) further inside from the Beast’s castle.

Finally, from a Little Mermaid attraction, here are are selection of Ariel’s human artifact collection and Scuttle.

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