The Grey Man Can Sometimes Be Something Of A Square

Sometimes you get lucky. The camera wasn’t level, which is an all-too common problem of mine. It seems no matter how I try to remember to address that basic issue in the field, I end up with at least a few shots from every outing where I forgot to pay attention. This was one of them.

Fixing the imbalance is easy enough, but you end up losing part of the picture. ┬áThe resulting crop presented me with a choice of losing either the overpass, or the feet. Until I remembered I can change the aspect ratio from the original, and once I altered that from 3×2 to square, not only did I fix the problem, allowing me to retain both the feet and the overpass, but the picture was remarkably better composed.

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  1. I think this just might be my new favorite Grey Man image. It invokes a lot of thinking and contemplation with a touch of old world feel. Loving it!
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Farewell ScheduleMy Profile

  2. Incredible image, Mark. You nailed the square format. Great!

  3. Classic Grey Man. I think we can get too hung up on image shape/ratio. A lot of good images are square or close to that. Nothing wrong with that at all. Loads of greeting cards are square – it’s a very common commercial shape. This is a great composition.
    LensScaper recently posted..The Colour RedMy Profile

  4. Nary a doubt, Mark, this series continues to delight and entertain. Some of your finest work to-date, my friend.
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..Frozen PattiesMy Profile

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