The Grey Man Appreciates Color [and Symmetry]

The Grey Man Appreciates Color and Symmetry

It may seem that the Grey Man lives in an appropriately grey-scale world, but in fact he lives in color and converts to black and white like everyone else.  Sometimes the color directly in front of him makes him think, “hmm, I might have to keep this one as is.” I think most of the Grey Man series will be black and white, but there’s also room for the occasional splash of color in the mix.

What do you think?

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  1. I am curious what door he chooses. I like it in color, but I may have dodged the Grey Man just a bit to make him stand out more.
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Getting InkedMy Profile

  2. That’s quite a splash, Mark. Especially the sky. Nice one!

  3. I was a little uneasy initially reading the e-mail and knowing the grey man was going to be in a ‘colour’ environment. I had always imagined he would be found in B&W. But then I saw the image and ….it works! Partly because it is in large part monochromatic blue, and partly due to the nature of the environment. Chris has summed it up perfectly – the Grey Man has to decide which door. There’s intrigue in this image! The symmetry is important, but the small difference is also important. Clever work, Mark
    LensScaper recently posted..At the top of the stepsMy Profile

  4. I think the color rendition makes it all about the buildings and not the mystery of the Gray Man, who gets lost in the image.

  5. Color in this picture is important because of the way it shares the story of the building that the Grey Man is facing. I love the tension we feel from him looking at the doors, and as Chris mentions the one he picks remains a mystery to the viewer.
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..Don’t Be Late For ClassMy Profile

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