Hat, Suit, and Overcoat

The Grey Man Contemplates Life On The Road
The Grey Man Contemplates Life On The Road

I had this idea for a possible new series–  adding a twist to my shots of empty city street scenes on early weekend mornings by posing myself in the image wearing a hat, suit, and overcoat or raincoat. I put it off and off, in part because it’s hard enough running around the city taking pictures at 5 or 6am, without hauling a costume along with me. I finally went for it a few weeks ago. I was shooting in Manhattan, in the Gramercy park area, early on a Saturday. It was pretty deserted, but a few people were around, and I actually got cold feet.  I might have worked through it but it started to rain so I packed it in. While I was on my way home it cleared up a bit, so I started cruising around Greenpoint looking for a suitable spot, and I saw this gorgeous Airstream trailer on this perfectly empty industrial setting.  If I continue this into a series, I plan to cover all sorts of areas, not just industrial scenes like this. Small streets, landmarks, etc.

Except for a few dog walkers and joggers, including one giant running group that passed through in the middle of my shoot, the area was completely deserted. I tried several variations on the shots, including different poses. I also tried some long exposures that didn’t work out, and I need to research how to fix some of those issues.  Anyway, I’d love to get feedback. Not sure if this is worth the extra effort. Also, if I do go forward, I need to figure out what to call this.

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  1. Mark I absolutely love the idea and I have to say this is one of my favorite images from you. The mystery of why the “man in the overcoat” is there, where he’s going, who he is makes this a piece of art that you can weave multiple interpretations around it. I’d love to see more of this series. Oh and I agree that airstream is super cool. 🙂

  2. This is brilliant art, Mark. I love the composition and the toning. I am really impressed that you were able to frame this with your body in the perfect position. I certainly would be interested in more like this.
    Wayne Frost recently posted..Bridges Auditorium Late AftenoonMy Profile

  3. A wonderful shot! I love the atmosphere and the light in this picture and of course the toning! Wonderful work – would really like to see a series of that!

    Brilliant work!

  4. A wonderful shot!I love the atmosphere and the light in this picture and of course the toning! Wonderful work – would really like to see a series of that!

    Brilliant work!

  5. Great idea, great location and a fascinating and intriguing image. You must continue this into a series – there is the potential for this to be something ‘different’ (and that’s a hard task in the digital era) but you are definitely on to something here. Roll on Shoot No 2!
    LensScaper recently posted..The Olympic RingsMy Profile

  6. Very cool. It definitely has a haunting feel to it. Just enough motion in the person…

  7. Really like your idea, Mark. Wish I would have thought of it. 🙂 This is a great image. Almost looks like duotone, cool silver and warm gray. Hope you continue with the series.

  8. I crave more!!! Much more!! Mark, this is one of my personal favorites from your studio, my friend! Love the drama and tension in the “cloaked man” here! Knowing that it is you gives me great joy, too! Please, carry on with this, I for one promise to be an enthusiastic fan of this genre!
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  9. I love that photo. I’m going steal it (for inspiration) for my Facebook Fan Page. I’m writing a hard-boiled PI novel and am looking for inspiration for a cover image that shows my PI walking down a deserted NY street at night with rain and/or fog. Do you have more of the hat and overcoat series? I will never actually steal other’s work but it helps my creative juices for shooting it myself.

    Very cool!

  10. Oh, I think it is worth the extra effort! I love this image and I think the addition of yourself in the frame makes all the difference in the world. I hope to see more of these Mark!
    Anne McKinnell recently posted..Lower Myra Falls (Part 2)My Profile

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