Little Yellow Flowers

I do not know what type of flower this is. I asked my wife, and she just said, “I don’t know. We bought them at Home Depot 2 years ago and they haven’t died yet.” If anybody out there can identify these, please do so in a comment.

One reason that I have been enjoying my early attempts at macro photography so much is that it has been very easy to get pleasing results long before I really know what I am doing.  This i snot to diminish the work of more experienced macro photographers, who can do things I still only dream of. What I mean is that when I take a macro image using the limited skills and proficiency I have now, I still get a result I like often enough. What I cannot do is predict what that result will be most of the time, nor can I achieve a particular desired result on my own command. There are also some things I cannot do at all. But I’ll get there.

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  1. I just love this, Mark, what delicious bokeh you’ve created here! Beautiful colors and details in the flowers there, my friend!
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  2. Stunning photo and i love the way you captured it. Thanks for sharing this with us and keep up the good work!

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