Smallpox Hospital

These are the remnants and ruins of the Renwick Smallpox Hospital near the southern tip of Roosevelt Island. The ruins were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972, and fund raising for a restoration project was begun in 1995.  Much of the north wing collapsed on December 26, 2007, and since then the project has been somewhat accelerated and the remainder of the structure is being stabilized while work continues. I read that they are trying to mark every fallen brick with its proper location as part of the project, and eventually, I understand that the ruin should be open to the public.

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  1. I went there a few months ago just to see this hospital, but it was all fenced off and we couldn’t get close. I’ll definitely need to go back. Love the dark processing you applied here. Adds to the eerie feel.

    1. Jose,
      When I went there was one gate in the fence over by the Manhattan side of the island. It was unlocked but only slightly ajar, and it was unclear whether the area was officially open or not, as there were no signs. The sprinklers in that area were all on and I wondered if the gate was only unlocked while a worker was letting the sprinklers run.
      There was one other person in the area, and she was all the way down in front of the building where I took this shot. She was a senior citizen, Asian, and doing her morning exercises that appeared to be slow form Tai Chi. I thought about asking her if I could take her photo. It would have looked pretty cool, but she seemed kind of annoyed that I was even there so I minded my own business, got my shots, and left.

  2. I’m guessing this is what the hospital in Gotham City looked like after the Joker blew it up, only on a much bigger scale. I am loving this shot today. Creepy, yet so cool!
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  3. This place looks awesome even if it is old! I’ve never been able to see anything like this unless I’m intentionally traveling somewhere where there would be a lot of stuff like this. This is a great picture! Really nice work!

  4. Fascinating. It really looks like it should be something out of post war Europe.

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