Have A Pepsi Day – Pepsi Sign Long Island City

It looks really neat at night, as for example in this lovely image from my Google+ buddy  Jose Vazquez. I have only been there during the day, and so this is my take. At least the daylight loosely ties in to the Pepsi Slogan from the mid-70s “Have a Pepsi Day.” This Long Island City Pepsi sign now resides in Gantry Plaza State Park, and used to sit above a Pepsi bottling plant that was at a nearby location until 1999.

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Also, you can find Jose’s G+ stream here.

UPDATE: Another great NYC photographer Leanne Staples posted a moody version of an image of this same time to G+ today.  You can see the post here and her entire stream here.



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  1. I like this a lot man, the colors are nice and vibrant, well captured
    Dave DiCello recently posted..On and onMy Profile

  2. Very nice shot Mark. Really like the way you used dof in this image to bring out the sign.

  3. Nice use of selective focus, and the processing is sweet. This almost make me debate my enjoyment of Coke products 😉
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Hiding from ViewMy Profile

  4. Great shot Mark. I really like the way you’ve processed this. While the night shot is great I do like this version because you can see the sign in context to the buildings and where it is.

  5. I like how the blurred background helps bring the sign forward. Nice work!

  6. Love the processing, really pops out at you Mark

  7. This is awesome Mark! The use of blur really isolates it and makes it pop. Love the tones too. Thanks a bunch for the mention. It’s much appreciated.

  8. Love the selective focus here Mark, taking the distractions away, but allowing the colors and light to shine through!

  9. This is a fine shot, Mark. The sign sticks out in a nearly 3d fashion. Love that background blur. 🙂

  10. What a beautiful shot of the Pepsi sign! It really is a staple of Long Island City. The color and focal points on this shot are great.

  11. Totally lovin’ this shot, Mark! Love the selective focus and tones here, it’s a really compelling shot.
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..Objet d’ArtMy Profile

  12. I absolutely love this shot. The selective focus is perfect and I love the tones of the color.

  13. Yes, this sign is really pretty at night. I’ve seen this in several movies too. It’s an old-school Pepsi sign. Nice capture!

  14. Sent this as a card from this site to my brother in NY. Very cool card apparently, thanks a loads! M

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