St. Mary’s Jersey City – Looking In

St. Mary's Church Jersey City
St. Mary's Church Jersey City

This image was held over, of course, from the World Wide Photo Walk I did in Jersey City last weekend.  I did not shoot many brackets with the E-PL1, as I was trying to concentrate on its other features, but I did shoot a few.  I see a lot of technical issues with this shot, primarily that it is not particularly sharp but there is also much I love.  It is a gorgeous church, and I might want to go back there some day to actually venture inside and do a more thorough job.  I added a soft glowing filter to take the lack of sharpness to another level.  I also particularly like bit of the outside door on the right side of the image.

Finally, I just can’t help loving pictures of churches named St. Mary.  There is the one I took of the church where I grew up, and I even love this one from Catholic blogger Amy Welborn (third photo down – click for larger view).

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  1. I think it was a great call to add the glowing filter – it totally changes the mood of the photo. This is something I probably wouldn’t think of doing myself, but it’s great idea. It gives the photo a lovely, dreamy quality.

  2. The softness of this image makes you feel like your drifting into the church. Very cool!

  3. I see nothing wrong with this shot the softness is what makes it a great image

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