Deserted Elevated Subway Platform (Brooklyn)

Deserted Gritty Subway Platform (Brooklyn)


A deserted, gritty/grungy elevated subway platform in Brooklyn at night.  I tried about 47 different ways to process this and ended up just going over the top with texture, graininess and such.

I want to add an admission – the platform wasn’t actually deserted.  There were several people on the other side of the divider.  The train on that side was pulling in to the station.  It was my train, actually, and I noticed how everyone clustered creating this opportunity.  I somehow fired off a 7-shot bracket handheld under low light conditions before scooting over to the other side myself and making the train to get home.

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  1. Great photo Mark. I am a big fan of subway shots and this one has a lot of atmosphere!

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