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Silvercup Approach

Irene hit last night and is still passing through, but it’s likely the worst is over. It appears it has been less destructive than feared, which is good. I lost power in about 1/3 of my house, including the entire area where the cable modem and router are, but I jerry rigged something up and […]

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Ukraine has not yet perished, nor her glory, nor her freedom

The post title is from the first line of the Ukrainian National Anthem.  I’m not Ukrainian, but having Polish heritage, I have an affinity for people who suffered from Russian and Communist oppression. Apart from the Russian people themselves, probably no people suffered as much from that tyranny as did the Ukrainians. The Holodomor, which […]

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Five Bicycles

I will confess that I only noticed the three physical, real bicycles when I took the shot.  I did not notice the symbols until I started working on this image early this morning. This happens a lot, that I only become aware of thematic elements in a shot I took when I process days, weeks, […]

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Welcome to Our Home

Lovely contrast between yesterday’s image and today, don’t you think?  This is 190 Bowery, and despite the Bowery’s reputation, today  you are just as likely to walk past a high end wine shop or an expensive condominium as you are a derelict building like this one. But here is the kicker, and it is a […]

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