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Diagonal Alley

J.K. Rowling stole my pun. The photo does not really show it clearly, but the elevated subway train tracks and this alley cut on a sharp diagonal through a city block. If you look at the map on this post, this is the alley one block before the train passes over a park called Rosemary’s […]

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Tracks Over Tracks

Continuing our travels under the M Train, this crossing at Woodward Avenue provides the best view of the street level tracks that used to run through these back lots. The elevated subway was built directly over these old rails. Once again I used the lens correction feature in Photoshop to correct the wide angle distortion […]

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Straight Up. No Chaser.

  For better or worse, the composition here is largely accidental. Oh, I did decide to point the camera straight up, but beyond that the framing was largely a guess. I suppose I could have crouched way, way, down, or even just lay down on the sidewalk, but I didn’t. So the fact that the […]

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Imperfection – A Self Critique

While it is not as if my output has been perfect to this point, this image suffers from the worst combination of poor composition and a subject that is not very interesting, certainly among anything I’ve put up for some time. Basically, it’s just a boring photograph. But I am posting it for a couple […]

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Behind the Glow

These windows are in an industrial manufacturing/warehouse building in the Long Island City/Hunters Point section of Western Queens.  It was taken around 8 am on a Sunday morning, in full light, so the glow is completely fabricated in post, although I do believe the lights were on inside. I think it has been a while […]

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