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Back Porch Dress

  The auto repair shop painted like an American flag is a decent shot. Adding the red pickup in front could just be a distraction from the flag on its own. But the truck in front and the red[dish] dress hanging on the porch in the background just ties the whole image together.

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Wait Here

Good dog. This is in the Concourse below Rockefeller Center. Lots of reviews claim that Eddie’s Shoe Repair offers the best shoe shine experience in the city. I just go because it’s local and convenient to my office. The shines are thorough, and can take a while, and because of both that and its reputation […]

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The Mirror

I think you can look at this portrait over and over, and never be quite sure what his mood is, what he is thinking, or what he is looking at. Trust me, I’ve tried. I also think that any conclusions you make about those questions probably says more about you, and your current mood, than […]

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Happy Surprise

Every picture may tell a story, but sometimes it takes three to do it justice. This is the sort of thing you hope for when you go out shooting candid street photos.

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