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Sometimes what I do in the field is a mystery to me. I photographed this scene twice in immediate succession. For the second image I widened my zoom by 2 mm, and widened my aperture by maybe 2 stops (since I was in Aperture priority mode this automatically adjusted my shutter). But apparently I never […]

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This statue is on display in the courtyard of the Church of the Transfiguration in Chinatown, NYC. The church was originally built by Lutherans in 1801. That Lutheran congregation, whose history goes back to 1749, was riven by disputes over doctrine and language, and the building was sold to Episcopalians in 1810.  As the neighborhood […]

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This is one of the smaller streets in Manhattan, just one block long and fairly narrow. Mosco Street was formerly known as Cross Street. It was longer than it is today, and was part of the infamous “Five Points” intersection and neighborhood once notoriously known for  riots, criminal gangs, and infectious diseases. Today, Mosco Street feels […]

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