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Speeding Towards Empire

  Two things I plan to do more this year are night time photography and long exposure. I’ve never done much long exposure but I did a fair amount of night photography at one point before I moved away from it. Borden Avenue in Queens

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Manhattan Night Skyline

  Taken during the same session that created this earlier panorama, this is something of a long exposure (30 seconds) that wasn’t longer simply because I was so cold and I didn’t want to drag the session out too long. I further smoothed the water using the Blur Tool in Aperture. As much as everyone […]

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More Washington Square Townhouses

  The townhouses that line Washington Square North are some of the most famous in the city and collectively are simply known as “The Row.” Robert Neville (Will Smith) lived in one of them in “I Am Legend,” a few doors down from this one. I shot them very early on a Sunday morning, which […]

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Citibikes in Snow at Night

  It seems like every photographer in town has a photo of the newish Citibikes lined up like this in their portfolios. I resisted until a few nights ago when the sight of them covered in snow, at night, wore down my resistance. By the way, this is a good example of the problem I […]

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Snow Night

  Kids get excited about snow days, but a snow night can be fun as well.  This is Central Park South looking east. Stay warm

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