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Randall’s Island Manhattan East River Sunset

  I am again posting a Fuji JPG. This time almost straight out of camera, with just a slight saturation boost and  and a slight bit of dodging on the rocks. It’s close enough for me to add the SOOC tag, but I also offer full disclosure here in the text. This stuff is meaningful, I […]

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Lower Manhattan Night Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park With Pylons

  The lower Manhattan skyline is starting to become more identifiable again after a decade or so without any standouts. It has always been less identifiable and beloved than the midtown skyline with the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building. For decades the most notable aspect of the lower skyline was the Twin Towers, which […]

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Washington Square Hotel

  The Washington Square Hotel was built and opened in 1902 under the name Hotel Earle, after its first owner, Earle L’Amoureux.  It changed owner and names a various times over the decades, becoming the Washington Square Hotel in 1986. It had its ups and downs along with the neighborhood it sits in. For a […]

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The Corner Deli, Kenmare Street

You cannot see the name here, but this is now La Esquina (The Corner), it appears to be a mash-up of an old NYC diner and a taco stand, which it sort-of is, but there is also a semi-secret restaurant downstairs behind a door marked “Employees Only,” where reservations are apparently a tough get. I’ve […]

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Park, Night, Fog

    Handheld, f/2.8, shutter 1/30s.  ISO 6400 With a tripod I could have used a smaller aperture and possibly avoided those blobby light balls glowing around the lamps, but otherwise I’m rather pleased with how this came out under the circumstances.

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