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My First Blogiversary

So I started this blog one year ago today, and it seems appropriate to do a little retrospective.  It began cautiously.  I had been thinking of getting serious about photography on and off for a few years. In the summer of 2009 I actually started doing it.  I began playing with HDR.  I bought Photoshop […]

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Seagram Building Plaza

I think Park Avenue photographs so much better than it looks in real life.  The gleaming glass office towers tend to look pretty drab, especially in full daylight.  I discussed this earlier here.  This is, I think, what the architects were aiming at when they developed this style.  So even though I do not much […]

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But That Don’t Worry Me None, In My Eyes You’re Everything

I considered calling this “Sunshine Is The Best Disinfectant” to capture the play between the sun hitting the corne of the building in the back and the Antiseptic Soap advertisement on the side of the brick building on the right, but instead I chose the song reference, which also calls to the morning sun on the aged buildings. This […]

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Déjà No

Manhattan is the big city, but it is also small enough that if you do a lot of exploring, probably as a young adult, you can start to wonder how close you are to having been on every block.  You might start to mentally catalog the neighborhoods where you know you have gaps, but you […]

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Railroad In The Sky [Square Cut]

So maybe this is filler, but as I’ve explained in earlier posts, I’m skipping today’s usual installment of a Crosswalk series photo to better sync the numbering of the Crosswalk and Bus Stop series.  When I skipped a Bus Stop I posted a black and white version of an earlier HDR image that somebody requested. […]

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