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R.I.P. Rick James Graffiti Van

A brief web search for “RIP Rick James Van” reveals that this van seems to live on the lower east side, which is where I found it. I also took some shots from the sidewalk side, but even with my most wide-angle lens (14mm) I couldn’t quite get the whole van in the picture, which […]

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Luxor Pyramid and Sphinx

If the timing were not wrong, I would be certain that this hotel was created when the owner told his design team to build  something that looks like a lair for Dr. Evil. As it turns out, the first Austin Powers movie post-dates the building of this hotel. But come on, it even has a frickin’ laser beam coming […]

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St. Mark’s Hotel

I have created a small problem for myself in that although I mostly do what I guess would be called “Fine Art” photography (and, oh, how I hesitate to apply that name to my work out of some small sense of humility), I also engage in an element of documentary photography. It is not my […]

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Video Tutorial:Using Nik Color Efex Portrait Filters for Streetscape Photography

Photo Post-Processing Tuturial – Using Nik Color Efex Portrait Filters for Streetscape Photography from Mark Garbowski on Vimeo. I shoot a lot of streetscapes in early morning light, known as the “golden hour.” Sometimes, however, the light needs a bit of a boost inpost-processing. This tutorial shows a part of my workflow using the Nik […]

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