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Kings County Distillery Bookshelves

  This was taken during my visit to Kings COunty Distillery a couple of months ago with my Minolta SRT-202, 50mm f/1.7 lens, and Ilford Delta 400 film pushed 2-stops to 1600. Not much else to say about this, it’s rather self-evident, and I’ve discussed the distillery and my visit in previous posts on the topic.

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Somewhere On The Washington Coast – Rialto Beach

  If I could be more specific I would. I only know that this was taken in 1992 on the coast of Washington, somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula, probably towards the north, but I’m really not sure. Below is an image that one of my fellow tour members took of me at the same location. […]

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More Minolta Shots – Fall Color and Bokeh

  A pair of very simple shots that I made just to test and showcase the 50mm Rokkor lens on the Minolta SRT-202. I think they look fantastic. The leaves that are in focus seem tack sharp to me, while the backgrounds are pleasingly smooth. Shooting completely wide open, the top shot also shows a […]

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  I think the light leaks happened when I took the film out of the camera. It’s preferable to thinking they happened in the camera, anyway, and I’m still waiting for the next roll I took with that camera to get developed. I very much like this otherwise. It’s Fuji Velvia 100 slide film, 120 […]

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Bear Mountain Sunset – Kodak Portra Medium Format Film

  Someone explain to me why we stopped using film. I get the advantages of digital. I won’t even list them, they are so many and so obvious. I love digital photography. But even a majority of serious photographers, both pros and serious amateurs, have just stopped using film altogether. It’s not better, it’s just […]

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