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The thing about Gnosticism is that one of its fundamental tenets is that the body is evil. Gnostics believe in a dualism between spirit and matter. The former is elevated, and the latter, indeed all matter, is a trap that prevents our spirits from reaching their true potential. So the combination of gnosticism and body […]

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I have no idea what that little building is on Wilson Avenue in Bushwick.  I spent part of a recent Sunday morning shooting in that neighborhood, and hope to return soon.   It is an interesting place: historically German when much of it was built, it has gone through various waves of working class immigrants from […]

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Some 25 years ago, give or take, I bought a poster of Louis Stettner’s Brooklyn Promenade. It is the only photo poster I ever bought and I still have it. It hangs in my wife’s and my bedroom. I love the old NYC skyline and the subject, who is perfectly absorbed in his own reverie. […]

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