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  Different gear can help you see things in a different way. I have photowalked this neighborhood at least a half-dozen times,and walked down this block, and never thought to photograph this particular spot until I did so with a 645 Medium Format camera (the Fujifilm GA645zi) and black and white film. It’s all about […]

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  A fine if uninspired photograph. I mostly enjoy it for two reasons: 1. I’m amused at how I was able to stand directly, dead center of the doors, and yet avoid having any part of me reflected; and 2. I also like how the door itself is in focus but the reflection of the […]

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      The New York City skyline as viewed from West New York, New Jersey,* shortly after dawn. Long exposure, converted to black and white solely in Aperture, (which after yesterday’s WWDC I’m pretty sure Apple is going to kill). *The Town of Eastchester is in Westchester County. East New York is in Brooklyn. […]

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