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Moderately Large Number

iframe> Some years ago when the internet was young I stumbled across one of those intriguing quirky amateur pages that used to provide the interwebs with its charm. This one explained that the number 47 had a special meaning in Star Trek lore — it shows up all the time — and that this could […]

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What’s That Clearance Again?

The backwards writing on the side of the truck was a small puzzle. Why would the numbers — and a series of vertical letters — be written backwards? Then I actually read them and it immediately became apparent: “15′ 1″ HIGH.” It’s the truck’s clearance, written so the driver or his partner can read it on the […]

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It’s not often that people sit in a car with the dome light on, so I grabbed this opportunity to get a shot of this family waiting for someone or something both inside and out of their Mini.  Because of the proximity, the way they were facing, and with the father looking every which way, I had […]

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Here’s another shot, of a neon liquor store sign on Sixth Avenue, from the Inaugural Google+ NYC Photowalk in NYC. This was getting towards the end of the walk and we were losing the light. That’s when it becomes most impossible to resist a neon sign.

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