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Is This Something?

I follow a certain blogger who sometimes opens one of his posts with the question “Is this something?”  What he means is that he is tempted to consider the subject of the post important and intriguing, but he is also concerned that he might be letting his own prejudices get the best of him, or […]

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Thirteenth and Meatpacking

I pulled this one from the archives. It’s about 2 years old and I don’t know what to say about it. The scene pretty much speaks for itself and I don’t have anything to add in the way of history or insight. The partially destroyed mural is a mystery to me. Processing was straightforward, except […]

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Luxor Pyramid and Sphinx

If the timing were not wrong, I would be certain that this hotel was created when the owner told his design team to build  something that looks like a lair for Dr. Evil. As it turns out, the first Austin Powers movie post-dates the building of this hotel. But come on, it even has a frickin’ laser beam coming […]

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Theatre 80 Sunrise and Happy Thanksgiving

Theatre 80 is most famous for premiering You’re A Good man Charlie Brown in 1967. Before the theatre opened, the building housed VI Lenin. I’m going to cut this short, enjoy Thanksgiving, and wish the same to you. But how about that flare?

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