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Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY


I’m very fond of this neighborhood, and have shot it and expressed that emotion before. I lived in the building on the right with the arched entrance for about 4 years in the early 90s, when the neighborhood was still mostly industrial and Brooklyn Bridge Park was not even an idea.

I shot this one morning earlier this year when I hit the park before dawn and seized the opportunity to get  a night time shot of the deserted street with some timely headlight trails.

Interview Alert

I was recently contacted and conducted a written interview with Street Photography London, an online magazine also available on Flipboard. It was a nice surprise to be approached for this interview, and I enjoyed considering the questions and writing up what I hope are thoughtful and interesting responses.

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  • Len SaltielJune 3, 2014 - 6:47 am

    Just love everything about this image Mark. I feel like I am standing there.ReplyCancel

  • LensScaperJune 3, 2014 - 12:20 pm

    Congrats on the interview – I hope it will get widely read, it deserves to be. So many interesting observations in what you said in reply to the questions put to you. I personally think the world is too big a place to get tied down into one theme or style of work – so on that topic in particular I agree whole-heartedly with you.

    I too love today’s image. Just the lights of traffic and an empty street. The city’s sleeping (or most of it).ReplyCancel


If you are connected to me on Twitter or other social media you saw this yesterday. I took this yesterday morning right outside the building where I work. It’s a promotional sign put up by the New York Rangers who were then getting ready to play Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It’s popping up in assorted locations around the city. I think it started when the Rangers made it to the conference finals, because making it to that round is a pretty big deal.

A small sign next to the letters suggested taking a picture and posting it on Twitter or Instagram with the tag #RangersTown. So I did. I transferred the image from my camera to my iPad, edited it with the vscocam app, and posted it on various social media sites. Then the official NY Rangers Twitter account retweeted by image and I my Twitter account got the biggest workout it has seen in a while. As of now, that tweet has 72 Retweets and 334 Favorites, which I am certain is a personal record.

Then, last night the Rangers won their series against the Montreal Canadiens with a sharp 1-0 win, and wait to see whether they will face the LA Kings or Chicago Blackhawks in the Finals. And while reaching the conference finals is a big deal, reaching the overall Stanley Cup Finals is huge. The Rangers last made it this far when they won everything in 1994, so everyone is pretty excited, including folks like me, and frankly I have to admit I’m only a middling hockey fan until the playoffs start and really only if the Rangers show some promise.

But I’m on the bandwagon now, and playoff hockey is as exciting as the true hockey fans claim. Lets Go Rangers. Because It’s The Cup.


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Manhattan Skyline - Long Exposure From Weehawken


This was taken from Weehawken, in a small War Memorial park on a bluff overlooking the Hudson, and not far from the famous Weehawken dueling grounds where Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in 1804.

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295 Newark Avenue, Jersey City

Twice this past weekend I drove over to New Jersey to shoot the dawn with the skyline in the background. Sunday morning I hit Jersey City and Monday I went to West New York and later Weehawken. On Sunday, after getting the early morning water/skyline shots, I headed into the old downtown area of Jersey City to explore, where I found this little treasure.

You cannot tell from this shot, but it is one of my beloved triangle buildings, with some Art Deco lettering above the entrance on the corner side. Despite that, I had difficulty crafting an interesting shot that showcased the buildings shape. I was especially pleased, then, to see the window details when I walked up along the longer sides of the building.

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  • LensScaperMay 29, 2014 - 4:09 am

    The Art Deco tiling around these windows is so attractive. As well as that I like the way light seems to flood this image with brightness, helped too by those intriguing reflections. This was such a good find, MarkReplyCancel

Spaceship Earth from Epcot Resort Area


Every photographer who visits WDW Walt Disney World needs to get his or her version of the Epcot symbol at night. One of the advantages of staying in the Epcot resort area is that you can get a less common view of the landmark. This was taken from across the resort lake with a telephoto lens. WDW fanatics will know that the landmark’s true name is Spaceship Earth but everyone else just calls it the giant Epcot golfball.

Please check out yesterday’s Memorial Day post if you missed.

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