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Epcot Viking Statue at Night

I looked around to see if this guy has a name but found nothing. He is not any specific person, and to my surprise, he has to nickname, not Erik o Olaf or anything, even though he has been a fixture at Epcot’s Norway pavilion for years.

So now I think of him as “Bob.”Next time you’re in Epcot, say hi to Bob.

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Mathematics and Havermeyer - Columbia University


That’s Mathematics Hall straight ahead, and Havermeyer Hall to the right. If I remember correctly, Mathematics and Philosophy were the two buildings named after individual departments of study. Several buildings, such as Law, Engineering, and Business, house separate schools within the university but I consider that a distinguishable from buildings named after fields that cut across multiple schools.

Havermeyer, while not named after a department is most famous for housing Columbia’s chemistry department, and for its grand lecture hall Room 309, which has been featured in numerous movies.

Although I did not study math while at Columbia, I spent a fair amount of time in Mathematics Hall during my undergraduate years, as I worked in the administrative offices where I mostly sorted mail.

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Shock and Awe


I haven’t posted a street photo in a while and since that interview with me that posted this week is in Street Photography London, and concerns my street photography, it seemed like a good idea to post one. This is a few years old from my archives.

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New York Skyline From Riverwalk Place, West New York



The New York City skyline as viewed from West New York, New Jersey,* shortly after dawn. Long exposure, converted to black and white solely in Aperture, (which after yesterday’s WWDC I’m pretty sure Apple is going to kill).

*The Town of Eastchester is in Westchester County.
East New York is in Brooklyn.
West New York is in New Jersey.
Texas is in New York, and New York is in Texas.
Queens and Brooklyn are on Long Island but not in Long Island.
Manhattan is an island.
Rhode Island isn’t.
The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor … well, you get the point. 

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Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY


I’m very fond of this neighborhood, and have shot it and expressed that emotion before. I lived in the building on the right with the arched entrance for about 4 years in the early 90s, when the neighborhood was still mostly industrial and Brooklyn Bridge Park was not even an idea.

I shot this one morning earlier this year when I hit the park before dawn and seized the opportunity to get  a night time shot of the deserted street with some timely headlight trails.

Interview Alert

I was recently contacted and conducted a written interview with Street Photography London, an online magazine also available on Flipboard. It was a nice surprise to be approached for this interview, and I enjoyed considering the questions and writing up what I hope are thoughtful and interesting responses.

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  • Len SaltielJune 3, 2014 - 6:47 am

    Just love everything about this image Mark. I feel like I am standing there.ReplyCancel

  • LensScaperJune 3, 2014 - 12:20 pm

    Congrats on the interview – I hope it will get widely read, it deserves to be. So many interesting observations in what you said in reply to the questions put to you. I personally think the world is too big a place to get tied down into one theme or style of work – so on that topic in particular I agree whole-heartedly with you.

    I too love today’s image. Just the lights of traffic and an empty street. The city’s sleeping (or most of it).ReplyCancel

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