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Even though it seems like it should not work, I be that somehow this door does open and function. Not much more to add except that this is Kodak Ektar fil, accidentally overexposed with as much color and detail recovered was seemed possible.

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Chambers Street Subway Station Tiling


The platform you see is not in use and has not been publicly accessible for years. But is is also not a secret as you can freely see it from the very public platform I was standing on when I took this. The rather cool looking Brooklyn Bridge tiles are barely noticeable in person due to the grime and lighting. I did not even notice them when I first glanced at the image in my catalog this morning until I started enhancing the exposure and contrast.

I’ve spent some time this week going through my older catalog not folder by folder or project by project, but by looking at the entire catalog as one giant set of pictures. It makes me more likely to find little gems like this that were not taken on a particularly memorable outing.

If you are what you should be you sill set the whole world on fire!

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NYC Office View Late Summer Dusk


One evening in mid-September last year I was in my office and noticed that the setting sun was giving off the most amazing light. As most of my colleagues were gone for the day, I walked around the floor, poking my head into unoccupied offices looking for the best combination of light and color and found this.  Oddly I only had my iPhone with me, but it did a pretty creditable job capturing the view.

It is always a pleasure to go poking around the old archives and find not only an image I forgot about, but one that requires no work to ready it for use here on the blog.

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LIE Underbelly

Images like this increase my interest in developing my own film.That’s not going to happen for issues mostly of space but it does tempt me nonetheless.  The reason is that although I can manipulate my film scans in standard image processing software, I think they lose some essential “filminess” along the way. So if I want more image control without digital processing I would have ot take a more active roll in development.

Meanwhile, the Hunters Point/Long Island City neighborhood has, over time, clearly become my favorite area to shoot in the city. I just keep going back.

Fujifilm GA645zi
120 format Kodak T-Max 400 ISO
Processed by and scanned by The Darkroom


“Love alone creates.”

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1964 Austin Healey BJ8


As we entered Mystic Seaport Museum on Saturday there was a line of about a dozen classic cars leaving. Apparently there was some sort of show although I did not have the details, and I do not know why this one stayed around after the others left. I did note that – to my inexpert eye – they all looked pretty much the same. I was later able to determine that the Austin Healey Club of America had been on the grounds for a show in the early afternoon.  This is a 1964 Austin Healey 3000 BJ8, about which I know nothing and initially confused it with Aston Martin. Well they are both British. I do enjoy looking at classic cars but have no real eye to tell one from another.

This beauty features an off-white cream color, but I could not do it justice in the grey light of an overcast afternoon, so the black and white conversion seemed our best option.

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