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Third Time’s The Charm – yellow Yellow YELLOW

yellow Yellow YELLOW


I see scenes like this and struggle mentally to make something out of them. There’s a visual pun here, but unfortunately not much else.And yet I cannot let go, and drop it. But then I have always been partial to puns of the more traditional verbal variety, so it makes sense that the  same sensibility would bleed into my photography.

This scene was spotted on Mercer Street between Spring and Broome on a Sunday morning.

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Lower Manhattan Night Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park With Pylons

Lower Manhattan Skyline at Night


The lower Manhattan skyline is starting to become more identifiable again after a decade or so without any standouts. It has always been less identifiable and beloved than the midtown skyline with the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building. For decades the most notable aspect of the lower skyline was the Twin Towers, which were always less than beloved and notable mostly because there were two of them. The Woolworth Building was once a towering skyscraper but now, although still beautiful, is largely overshadowed by taller but mostly less interesting neighbors.

After the destruction of the WTC, the lower Manhattan skyline was missing something. But then the New York by Gehry went up and eventually they did actually complete the new WTC tower and this skyline now has an identifiable character again. The Hole in the Sky is gone.

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  • Mike CriswellMarch 12, 2014 - 5:12 pm

    Hi Mark, I love this shot, gotta find this place next time I am in town. Sorry to hear about the tragedy there today, sadReplyCancel

Lake Crescent Olympic Peninsula 1992

Lake Crescent

This is Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, taken from the grounds of the Lake Crescent Lodge in 1992. I had no tripod with me so this is very carefully handheld, using a Pentax 05R camera and Kodak Gold 200 ISO film. I had no idea what tonal recession even though that’s the effect I achieved here. I’m not sure why I didn’t move a bit to the right to avoid the foliage but there it is.  I scanned this from the negative myself last week on an Epson 600.

THis is from a bicycle tour run by Bicycle Adventures.  The year before I did a tour of the California Wine Country. Based on my expreriences with them I would highly recommend the company, although it was more than two decades ago so you might want to check some more current reviews.

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Rockaway Beach Winter Morning Birds

Rockaway Beach Morning Birds


Rockaway Beach on a very, very cold winter morning a few weeks ago, just after dawn. The light and color in this photo are tricky. It was hard to balance the yellow and blues with a proper white balance. Every automated setting keeps pushing it further to the golden/yellow side but I opted for something a bit more blue. The whites (here represented by the foreground snow) are a bit off, but the alternative is what seemed to me to be an unnatural and extreme sky.

Well, you makes you choices and you lives with the results.

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  • Len SaltielMarch 10, 2014 - 7:07 pm

    You can always tell winter shots as the colors really seem to have a different feel to the. Nicely captured Mark.ReplyCancel

Spring and Mercer

Spring and Mercer



If you view this corner on Google Map Street View, at least as of today, you will see this building undergoing a substantial renovation such that you cannot see the building at all. So it seems a bit odd that the ground floor sits completely empty,  It’s nice that they didn’t update the look at all – I presume they just cleaned up cracks and rust and made it generally less worn down. It might be that this district is protected from more substantial change.

Continuing with my NY in black and white phase here (it’s too amorphous to call a project yet). I’m enjoying revisiitng neighborhoods I have shot before with a plan to convert to black and white. I expected to shoot subjects I previously shot, but I am also noticing new subjects that I think I might have missed if I were thinking in color.

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