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Normally people post signs waninng/asking/begging/threatening with instructions not to park in front of a driveway or garage entrance. Only in the West Village have I ever seen hand-scrawled sign notifying all who come by that:

This is NOT an active

NOT an active Driveway.

Bldg NOT in USE for years.

And for the record – there was a car parked there.


Olympus 35 SP
Ilford HP5+ Film

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nXnw2014. A group of photographers stands cramped in a small rocky area waiting to shoot the sunset and Bass Head Harbor Lighthouse,  except for Chris Nitz who got bored and went wandering. And climbing. While he was out there he turned around, pointed his camera at us, and took pretty much everyone’s favorite image from the trip. Too bad I can’t find it online, so just trust me.

Of course since he was out there and we all had our camera pointed that direction anyway … this happened. And now I will own the google search results for Nitz on Bass Head.

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  • Len SaltielDecember 18, 2014 - 7:17 am

    You do own the search on Google Mark. Great time, great capture.ReplyCancel

The area has been revitalized, which means most of its history is gone. I revisit this topic and my mixed feelings about it over and over. A thriving city must change to meet the needs of current residents, but I still miss the history that is destroyed with each renovation and new construction.

The Keler Hotel is caught in some sort of landmark/financing limbo and therefore in a state of semi-preserved decay for the indefinite future. It has been a flophouse, sailors hotel, gay bar/club (way back when that was not just deemed unsavory but also quite rare), SRO — a generally disreputable sort of place for most of its history. It’s future is probably some sort of condominium.

I just hope they keep the sign.


Minolta CLE camera
Voigtlander 28mm f/2 lens
CineStill bwXX 200 Film

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  • luisDecember 21, 2014 - 9:02 am

    Very good photo Mark, i like the richness of tones and the history behind this image. New York is definitely a never end of photographic possibilities!ReplyCancel

I had just exited the subway using this opening and in doing so noticed its somewhat stark minimalism. No ads, patterns, logos or decorations. Not even any indication of what station this is, which most exits have even when they are Exit Only. So I turned around after completing my egress, waited for a moment without any traffic, and grabbed this shot.

Real film
Minolta CLE
Voigtlander 28mm f/2
Kodak Gold 400 Film

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The Empire State Building is famous for its ability to match almost any color combination and the building’s use of it to honor, famous visitors to the city, sports teams, historical events, and other occasions.

I almost always enjoy it in its signature white, and was glad to notice that was the color it displayed this evening last summer, when I visited Gantry Plaza State Park with Rick Louie..

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  • LensScaperDecember 17, 2014 - 1:28 pm

    Impressive skyline and that spike of white is such a welcome additionReplyCancel

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