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Eastern State Pen Post Processing Profusion

I have generally moved away from the more gimmicky post-processing techniques, but I seem to want to keep coming back to them for the Eastern State Penitentiary shots. As I’ve previously described, this is the old prison that’s being kept in a state of preserved decay, is open for visitors, and sits in downtown Philadelphia, […]

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Eastern State Penitentiary Barber Chair

  The barber chair room at Eastern State Penitentiary is famous in its way. Certainly every photographer who visits the site makes certain to check it out and capture it. Because you cannot enter the room, your ability to personalize the image is limited mostly to your choice of focal length and post-processing. If you […]

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Gateway to Nowhere

  Driving down Warburton Avenue in Yonkers I noticed this gate that seemingly led to nothing. It was especially odd to think of it as a barrier since the stone side supports have nothing on either side to prevent you from just sidestepping the gate altogether. You could just walk around. When I got out […]

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Analog Efex Pro Test Run – Eastern State Penitentiary

  This week Google rolled out an update to the Nik Software suite, including a completely new module – Analof Efex Pro. I’ve barely scratched the surface of its capabilities, but it allows you to recreate a multitude of traditional film photography effects that goes way beyond most existing film effects, which simply try to […]

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Cisco Mural

  It’s been a while since I pushed out something from my nXnw trip to Utah this year.  This building is falling apart and one of the side walls was completely crumbled, yet the mural that somebody painted on the front is remarkably intact. The mural shows the scene of Fisher Towers in the Colorado […]

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