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Happy Father’s Day

My Dad and I 50 years ago. I normally don’t post on Sunday, nor do I usually post images that I did not take. I’m guessing my Uncle Mike took this, because that’s apparently his backyard. I’d love to be able to identify the camera and film format. It’s hipsta before anybody thought of Hipstamatic, and insta […]

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Moderately Large Number

iframe> Some years ago when the internet was young I stumbled across one of those intriguing quirky amateur pages that used to provide the interwebs with its charm. This one explained that the number 47 had a special meaning in Star Trek lore — it shows up all the time — and that this could […]

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Although this is a photo blog, in today’s post, the image is really just there to seve the story. Yesterday at work I tried to charge my iPhone, but instead of charging it generated an error message: “Charging is not supported with this accessory.” Now this was odd because I had used that accessory to […]

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Life in Elizabeth Crowley’s Middle Village

Please indulge me with this unappealing diversion from this blog’s usual fare. I will post a more pleasing image shortly so this will not remain at the top of the blog. But this needs to be documented. New York City had a snow storm on Christmas, which the NYC sanitation department completely bungled. They came […]

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