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Eastern State Pen Post Processing Profusion

I have generally moved away from the more gimmicky post-processing techniques, but I seem to want to keep coming back to them for the Eastern State Penitentiary shots. As I’ve previously described, this is the old prison that’s being kept in a state of preserved decay, is open for visitors, and sits in downtown Philadelphia, […]

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Mercer Parking Garage

  On Mercer Street, just south of Houston (and therefore in SoHo). If not for the GARAGE sign hanging off the building, I would have shot this straight on, but then that sign would not be visible except on its edge.

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Jacob Riis Boardwalk and Beach House (Recovering from Sandy)

  As I mentioned yesterday, some never-before-seen work of mine will be part of a show that opens this Saturday. The theme is to document, hopefully in a pleasingly artistic fashion, the damage and rebuilding on the Rockaway peninsula, which was slammed pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy. This week I am showing other photos from the […]

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Spring and Mercer

    If you view this corner on Google Map Street View, at least as of today, you will see this building undergoing a substantial renovation such that you cannot see the building at all. So it seems a bit odd that the ground floor sits completely empty,  It’s nice that they didn’t update the […]

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