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The title is a typo. I intended it to be Linear, and decided to keep it after it showed up that way on Flickr.

This is a staircase and sculpture in a hallway connecting the Chemistry and Mathematics departments at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The artwork is  Antony Gormley’s Chord (2015). The stairwell was designed by William Welles Bosworth, who designed the building. 

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Hotel rooms tend to blur and blend into one another over time. Every now and then you do find an interesting grouping of art on the wall, and then the early morning sunlight adds its touch.

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  • Andy HookerJune 12, 2017 - 3:38 am

    In my experience, art work as imaginative as this is rare. And the light just lifts it to a new level. Evidence that nowhere is devoid of potential for a photographer with a good eye you you, Mark.ReplyCancel

The longer you go without posting the harder it is to come back, so I’ll make this quick and easy. The #We35 Photo Frontier  assignment was to shoot 36 photos as if on a roll of filmcreate a contact sheet, and to pick one selection. I used an actual roll of film and shot at the Chinese New Year parade in Flushing Queens.

knew a parade offered both advantages and limitations to the project. On the plus side I had a guaranteed stream of potential subjects walking by, and the format meant I had to really use quick judgment on whether to shoot any particular subject. I did not want to either have the parade end with shots untaken, nor to finish the roll 50-70% of the way through the parade. But I had little chance to work on composition or to really stop and think about what I was shooting, why, and how best to showcase it. But I was happy with those trade-offs. With no zoom and a slightly wide FOV, my single hoped-for goal was to get a few shots of puppet dragons close-up as I knew they would wind across the whole street and come close enough to get some decent framing. And I managed that. But I chose this because, well, it just seemed like a well-timed moment.

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