Jackson Point Overlook

We drove up here to the Jackson Point Overlook on our first morning after hitting the Schwabacher Landing for sunrise.  There is a limited view here but it is still quite stunning. It is one of those scenes where you look and just literally exclaim.  I believe I actually said “Oh my God” out loud.  I do not know much about Jackson Point, except that it is one of several spots in the area named Jackson, after Davey Jackson, who was one of the first European settler to spend a winter in the valley in the 1820s. It must have been quite a hike to get up too this spot back then. Today you need just drive up a paved road to a parking area, and hike maybe 100 yards to the overlook. You sort of feel like you should have done something more to earn this amazing.

By this time of the morning the light was rather flat, but some subjects do not need that perfect dawn or dusk lighting to take your breath away. I hope this image does it justice.

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