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Juniper Valley Park at Night Series #We35 December 2015

The We35 2015 Team Expedition experiment has come to a close with the coming of 2016.  I have really enjoyed my time on this project.  The assignment for December was to shoot anything you want, but hopefully to demonstrate some growth you achieved as a result of the project.

One thing I have been working on in tandem with the project this year, was building photo sets of different kinds. I have long worked on series such as the Bus Stops, Crosswalks, and Grey Man.  But there are other possibilities I need to explore.

Here I found myself walking home through this park in early December and decided to make a full set of images to develop the atmosphere. I has taken and shown night time shots from this park befoe, but I wanted to stretch myself.

So I spent 20-30 minutes walking around and taking these shots. I had a black and white treatment in mind from the get-go.

I think part of the reason these shots work as a set, beside the common subject matter,  is the common 35mm point-of-view.

Because of the Fuji x100 line of cameras I shot a lot of images with this lens length before this project, and I will continue to do so now that We35 – 2015 is over.

But the shared experience and projects made this a special experience.


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