Citibikes in Snow at Night

Citibikes In Snow


It seems like every photographer in town has a photo of the newish Citibikes lined up like this in their portfolios. I resisted until a few nights ago when the sight of them covered in snow, at night, wore down my resistance.

By the way, this is a good example of the problem I note in the bottom of my Five Tips for Night Time Street Photography┬ápost. Getting the right white balance under street lighting conditions at night can be tough due to multiple light sources with their unique profile. If you get base your WB on a neutral white or grey spot in on zone of the photo, other zones could end up severely off. ┬áThat’s one reason converting to black and white can be so tempting. Here I definitely wanted to showcase the color, so I did my best to get the area around the bikes correct and then sort of fuzzed up the rest of the image.

Stay warm.

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  1. I really like this one Mark, love everything about it, well done, Pro!

  2. i think you handled the color balance pretty well Mark – the light on the bikes looks great!

  3. I’m totally with Jim and Mike on this one, Mark, this is a terrific shot! I love the shallow DoF and the way you composed this, it’s really captivating my friend!!
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