Letchworth State Park Archery Field Overlook

Letchworth State Park


When I vsited, I entered the Park through the northernmost gate, in the town of Mt. Morris. I drove down the Park drive until a point maybe 20-25% through the park, when I had to stop and exit, because the Park drive from there to a point roughly halfway down was closed. They keep it unplowed in the winter and folks can cross-country ski. I luckily ran into someone who was about to set off, and he informed me that I could re-enter the park down by the town of Castile and then I could continue to the falls from there.

After I did re-enter the park, this was the first opportunity to pull over and see the river  gorge — an overlook opposite what is called Archery Field. I guess you can shoot arrows there, but at about 25° before wind chill nobody was doing any such thing.

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  1. Looks like an awesome place! 25 degrees sounds warm right now! Beauty pic Mark!

    1. Thanks, Jim. I was just talking about upstate NY weather with my wife this morning, and I compared it to Minnesota, of all places. I figure Minnesota is colder but Upstate NY might get more snow.

  2. It does look cold, but oh what an amazing view you had.
    Beautifully captured, Mark!

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