New Project, New Website

Instead of posting a photo today, I am announcing a new project.  I am pleased and excited to introduce a site that features not my handiwork but that of my father. Between 1966 and 1988 he collected about 1400 autographs, most of them featuring a portrait of the person that my father drew.  I’ve only got about a dozen of them up, but the site is ready for its unveiling and I’d really appreciate a visit. The entire collection will feature authors, actors, writers, scientists, politicians, philosophers, dancers, clowns (real clowns, not just the politicians), athletes and even some saints.

This link takes you to the home page. If you wan to find out why David Bowie  added a thought bubble to his portrait click here. Justice Marshall can be seen here. In addition, the About page is a good place to start.

Meanwhile this site is not going away, or on hiatus, and regular photo posting resumes tomorrow.

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