Chelsea, Polaroids, Impossible Project Black and White

Chelsea Windows


Former Empire Diner

The bottom image is the space once occupied by the Empire Diner, which I had a chance to shoot here before it closed in May 2010. For a while it reopened under the name Highliner, but that did not last, and I understand it will reopen later this year under chef Amanda Freitag.

The shot on top is of a newer building on 10th Avenue in Chelsea just across and down the street from the diner. It is probably the first shot I have taken with the Polaroid that I truly like, and can display as something more than a curiosity. I think the subject and composition match the medium, and technically it came out reasonably well.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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  1. Enjoying your Polaroid experiments, Mark. I really like the vintage look of these images, especially the second one.

  2. Enjoying your Polaroid experiments, Mark.

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