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This is an extreme crop of a larger image, and it came about by accident as I accidentally hit the zoom key while looking at the image and was taken by the result.  I like that it is difficult to get a good sense of scale here.

Final Quick Word on Peets

This follows up on yesterday’s post. They contacted me one more time trying to make things right (and 6 of them visited this site yesterday), but as much as they care about fixing my order they don’t seem to get what they did wrong and continue to do wrong. They still have no warning up to let customers know that their recurring orders are not truly missing, and they haven’t fixed a bad link that takes you to the wrong page to start a new subscription. As a result, anyone else who tries to do what I tried will end up going down the same path. I realize some of their other web issues are more complicated but those are easy fixes. They care about doing what they can to make things right after the fact, and I truly believe do so for reasons more than just wanting to save the sale, but they don’t seem to care about wasting your time in the first place or these things would be handled.

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