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You Say Angry, I Say Rancor

This is another item from the Star Wars Angry Birds play set my daughter received for Christmas.  This is the Rancor monster, famously appearing in Jabba’s cave in Return of the Jedi. Since Angry and Rancor are not quite, but pretty close to synonyms, I stumbled with what to name this: Rancor Bird, Angry Rancor, Rancry Bird?  I decided it was something of a To-MAY-to To-MAH-to question.*

* I’ve always loved the idea to have a brief scene in a sketch comedy show as follows:

A singer is handed the sheet music to this song, having never heard it before. He starts singing it to himself, unaware of the pronunciation joke, and pronouncing all of the words the same way:

You say tomato and I say tomato,
You say potato and I say potato
Tomato Tomato
Potato Potato

[Looks up] This is the stupidest song ever!

Aaaaaand, scene.

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