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Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Shock of the New/The Shock of the Old

I sat on this for almost one and a half years, because every time I looked at it I thought the idea behind it was stronger than the actual image itself. Last night that seemed to change, and I’m not sure why. This is a section of the New York by Gehry residential tower in […]

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Winter White and Black

  I feel almost as if I just channelled Jim Denham: some snow, a fence, a bleak winter landscape, and a black and white treatment. It’s actually quite a beautiful scene. Friday night the NYC area got just enough snow to make everything pretty without really getting in the way. Perhaps my favorite element of […]

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You Say Angry, I Say Rancor

This is another item from the Star Wars Angry Birds play set my daughter received for Christmas.  This is the Rancor monster, famously appearing in Jabba’s cave in Return of the Jedi. Since Angry and Rancor are not quite, but pretty close to synonyms, I stumbled with what to name this: Rancor Bird, Angry Rancor, Rancry […]

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Bethesda Fountain Black and White – Winter Bleak Version

  You might notice sharpness issues if you look closely, but I like this enough anyway to go ahead and use it. In addition to needing to overcome that obstacle, I also found this to be a surprising challenge in getting the black and white conversion to a satisfactory point.  What I like about this […]

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Federal Reserve Bank of New York Front Door

    Now that is a solid, imposing door, fronting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York which is a fortress-like structure taking up an entire three-sided block bounded by Nassau Street, Liberty Street and Maiden Lane in downtown Manhattan.  In a very loose sense, the Federal reserve, of which this is one of 12 […]

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New York Korean War Veteran’s Memorial – Battery Park

Dedicated in 1991, the New York Korean War Veteran’s Memorial, commemorating what has often been called “The Forgotten War,” predates the one on the National Mall by four years. The silhouette cut into the 15 feet of black granite is known as the “Universal Soldier.” The flags below represent the countries that participated in the […]

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The Grey Man Can Sometimes Be Something Of A Square

Sometimes you get lucky. The camera wasn’t level, which is an all-too common problem of mine. It seems no matter how I try to remember to address that basic issue in the field, I end up with at least a few shots from every outing where I forgot to pay attention. This was one of […]

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Little Angels in Stained Glass

This is a small stained glass window in St. Mary’s Church (aka Immaculate Conception Church] in Yonkers, NY. Unlike most stained glass, this is completely an interior window. One side  faces the main great room of the Church, and the other is in a vestibule leading to the side chapel and an outside door. Because […]

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Manhattan Bridge In Blue Fog [in which I discuss my color correction failures]

I don’t remember it being quite this blue. Everything was more of a murky, desaturated grey. Unfortunately every attempt to color correct this image looked even more wrong. I tried various methods, and everything ended up making it warmer, which seemed no better. Hmm. The very act of writing this up gave me an idea. […]

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The Grey Man Will Always Find His Way

It’s been a few weeks since I posted one of these, and I need to get out and take some more, too. I think I’m running out.  In addition, I signed up to do a 52 Week Self-Portrait Project so I’ll be expanding my self-portrait body of work, and hopefully my creativity will undergo a […]

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Bethesda Fountain Plaza and Underpass In Winter

The Bethesda Fountain Plaza and Underpass This is an often photographed subject, including the image shown by me last week and previously in infrared here and here. Shooting from the underpass is in addition a very common view, but one I was obviously unable to resist myself, especially with the opportunity with both the underpass and […]

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