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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Mohonk Deer

My family was walking along this path in the Mohonk Mountain House grounds when we saw two small groups ahead of us being very quiet and looking off to the left of the path. So we naturally did the same and saw this deer making its way through the trees and bushes, stopping to nibble […]

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Sunrise Over The Hudson

This is sunrise over Manhattan, looking northeast, taken from Pier A in Hoboken, NJ. I arrived just a smidge late, missed my chance to grab some shots before the sun came over the skyline, and had to scramble to get this image. I saw the sun peeking over the shoulder of the Empire State Building […]

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Is This Something?

I follow a certain blogger who sometimes opens one of his posts with the question “Is this something?”  What he means is that he is tempted to consider the subject of the post important and intriguing, but he is also concerned that he might be letting his own prejudices get the best of him, or […]

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The Grey Man Appreciates Color [and Symmetry]

It may seem that the Grey Man lives in an appropriately grey-scale world, but in fact he lives in color and converts to black and white like everyone else.  Sometimes the color directly in front of him makes him think, “hmm, I might have to keep this one as is.” I think most of the […]

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Coco 66, Greenpoint

This is the front entrance for Coco 66, a bar/music venue on Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn. Judging from the pictures on their website, it seems that the inside is much more modern and hi-tech than this seedy outside would suggest. It has also closed and reopened multiple times, and at this point appears to be […]

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Saint Joseph and the Christ Child – St. Mary’s Church Yonkers, N.Y.

As I was setting up to shoot at St. Mary’s, I asked Msgr. Corrigan if there were any particular shots he wanted me to get. One that he asked for, and understood to be a challenge, was of this painting. The problem is that the painting is behind glass, and is is situated such that […]

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The Grey Man Is Comfortable With His Place In The World

In this image the Grey man is in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, so this is a good opportunity to announce that just like last year, I am leading a walk in the annual Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk, in Greenpoint. The date is October 13, 2012, and you can find details and sign up here. You […]

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Mohonk Mountain House and Lake

Back in July you might remember my family went to this resort, Mountain House and Lake, for the weekend to celebrate my 50th birthday. The weather did not cooperate and it was nearly impossible to get any good photos with all of the fog and clouds obscuring everything. However, we still had fun and my […]

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