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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Into Thy Hands O Lord

This is the World War II East Coast Memorial, located in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan.  The eagle statue is oriented to face the Statue of Liberty.  The  inscription at the base of the eagle reads: 1941 * * *  1945 Erected by the United States of America in proud and grateful remembrance […]

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St. Mary’s [Immaculate Conception] Church Yonkers, NY – Baptistry

Here is the baptistry of St. Mary’s Church in Yonkers, NY, also known as Immaculate Conception Church. This is in the Church’s side chapel which you can see here. In retrospect, I probably should have shot from a lower position so you could see the stained glass with less obstruction from the gate, but I […]

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St. Mary’s [Immaculate Conception] Church, Yonkers, Rose Window North Side

This is the last of the 3 Rose Windows in St. Mary’s Church in Yonkers to be featured here. You can see the main one at the rear of the Church building here, and the South Side Window here. This window is directly opposite the South Side Window.

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At Home With The Dutch Angle

One of the fun things about the 1960s Batman show with Adam West is that they always shot the villains with a skewed horizon. Anytime we saw a villain plotting with his henchmen, or hanging out in their lair, the camera was always several degrees off from an even horizon. I was searching the internet […]

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The Mirror

I think you can look at this portrait over and over, and never be quite sure what his mood is, what he is thinking, or what he is looking at. Trust me, I’ve tried. I also think that any conclusions you make about those questions probably says more about you, and your current mood, than […]

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The Rift In The Sky

Last night Trey Ratcliff led a Google Plus photowalk in lower Manhattan, starting a few blocks north of Battery Park, and then heading down to that same park which is the lowest tip of Manhattan. He mingled, lectured and took photos. A few times, I broke away from the crowd to get ahead and find a […]

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The billboard is for the movie “Savages,” which seemed to come and go pretty quickly. Because of its placement, including being so close to the High Line, you can sometimes have a lot of fun juxtaposing this billboard with its surroundings. This particular arrangement has no import that I can discern. Taken with a Contax […]

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