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Monthly Archives: July 2012

St. Mary’s Yonkers – Side Chapel

This is the side chapel of  Immaculate Conception Church (also known as St. Mary’s) in Yonkers, New York. Once again, I am grateful to Msgr. Hugh J. Corrigan for allowing me full access throughout this magnificent building while it was otherwise closed to the public. You can see the baptistery to the left, a statue of Jesus […]

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If These Walls Could Stand

The entrance to this building is intact, including an elevator of some interest, but once you walk to the end of the foyer, you come upon this vista. Most of the building is just gone, having collapsed at some uncertain earlier date, which of course makes venturing into other buildings at the location rather unnerving..

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Weekend Instagram Roundup

There was no Instagram Roundup last weekend, as I took the weekend off from the blog. These images apn the last 2 weeks. The first two are from the same OLMC Feast I covered in Friday’s post, featuring two subjects I left out of the photo essay but did capture withh my iPhone:  a sausage […]

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Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Williamsburg

This is the Giglio. The figure on top is  St. Paulinus of Nola, who lived the latter part of his life (which spanned the 4th and 5th centuries), in Nola, a small town in the Campagna region of southern Italy. The Giglio weighs 4 tons, and at the start of the feast it is lifted […]

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Fort Tryon Stairs and Arch

This is another shot from my New Year’s morning excursion to Fort Tryon Park in very northern Manhattan. I’ve told the story of that morning with almost every post from the shoot so I will not repeat it here, but if you are interested use the site search function for “Tryon” and you’ll get the […]

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St. Mary’s Yonkers – Organ Pipes and Rose Window

On Sunday afternoon of this week, I had the pleasure and opportunity to photograph Immaculate Conception Church (also known as St. Mary’s) in Yonkers, New York. I am grateful to Msgr. Hugh J. Corrigan for allowing me full access throughout this magnificent building while it was otherwise closed to the public.  I also had he […]

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Paper Trail

I’m pretty much done with images from the first building we explored at this location, and the second building looked much like the first. So, I am going to skip ahead to the third building, which was the most interesting, and I will mix in the occasional shot from the second building as I go […]

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New York City Skyline From Greenpoint

This view is from a small landing area next to a not-yet-opened park in Greenpoint called Transmitter Park. I like the unusual view of the NYC skyline, with the midtown skyscrapers to the right, an unusual long cluster of low slung apartment buildings in the middle, and finally the  power plant in the left foreground. […]

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Food Service Equipment – by The National

When you walk through Old City Philadelphia, you expect to see great buildings that are roughly 200 years old, and there are plenty of those. The more recent buildings that are mixed in are generally much less exciting. I was surprised, then, to stumble upon this beauty, of what appears to be mid-20th century vintage. […]

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